Saturday, October 22, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I used to have bars class colored but I can't find this option anymore. How do I do this?

A: Go to Options=>General=>Indicators=>Health Bar and select Health Bar (generic, class color) from the dropdown menu

Q: I want this 4pc hot/new hot to show but it isn't listed in the dropdown menu.

A: Hot boxes are editable. Just type the name of the hot in. Make sure you have the correct name (and spelling) as the name of the buff that the spell puts up may not be the same as the name of the spell itself.

Q: I've moved my panels off screen and now I can't get them back. Help!

A: Type /vd reset to reset panel positions.

Q: I have bound a spell name to a mouse click but it won't be cast or it's hitting the wrong target. Why?

A: Uncheck trinket autotriggering under Options=>Spells=>Misc=>Trinket 1 and Trinket 2.
B: Check if you have a macro of the same name as the spell.
C: Try clearing your assignment under hostile spell assignment for the same button (Options=>Spells=>Hostile). If this works, then try making a macro like this:
/cast [@mouseover, help] Heal Spell
/cast [@mouseover, harm] Harm Spell

and assign it to the same mouse button under both Options=>Spells=>Mouse and Options=>Spells=>Hostile
D: Try making a macro for the spell of choice like this
/cast [@vuhdo, help] Heal Spell

E: Check that you don't have Clique compatibility mode turned on in Options-General-Misc

Q: I am trying to set up my spell assignment profile based on spec but it keeps getting overwritten. What am I doing wrong?

A: Spell assignment profiles based on spec are set up under Options=>Tools=>Key Layouts.
Spell based profiles and layout/size/appearance based profiles are separate. Spec based ones control spell assignments and hots and load based on spec and size based ones control layout/appearance and load on change in group size. Switching is done automatically once set up.
The option under Options-Tools-Profiles is there to link a certain profile (layout, size etc.) to your spec based profile. For example if you want a dps layout that's different from your healer based one and you want to link it to your change of spec.
Currently this option allows binding of only one size/layout based profile to spec based profile for auto loading, though Iza is working on changing it to allow for more.

If you want more flexibility in spec selection while that's happening, make a macro like this:

/vd load ProfileName

and then bind it to a key or to a mouse button (eg. scrollwheel) in vuhdo to load preset profiles manually.

Q: Is there anyway to make it so VuhDo automatically put the group you are in, in the first column?
A:Of course:
1. To have your button on first position within the groups:
- Select Options=>Panels=>General "You first"
2. To have you own group first of all groups:
- Go to Options=>Move
- Click the green "+" on the left side of your groups panel
- Select "Group" => "Own" in the new box, click okay.
- Drag&Drop the new box to the left of "Group 1"
3. Go to options=>General=>General and select "Filter"=>"Own Group"
(To not have your own group twice in the panel)

Q: Is it possible to target a player on click instead of healing him?
A: Just enter "target" instead of a spell name in spell options. You can also use "focus", "assist" and "tell" as commands.

Q: What is the "Private Tanks" panel?
A: This is for persons you personally want to keep an eye on and so have them in an extra group. You can assign them by binding "menu" to a click-combo in Options=>Spells to bring up the context menu and then select "Private Tank" to add/remove someone from that list.

Q: When I disconnect mid-fight, after logging back in VuhDo panels don't show up until I get out-fight
A: This is a technical restriction of so called "SecureUnitFrames" which have to be used by all click-heal addons. They cannot be assigned/shown/hidden while in-fight. Blizzard invented this mechanism to prohibit the former full-automatic target+cast healer addons.
You have two options:

-UNcheck Options=>General=>Misc=>D/C=>Disable
Make sure you have two macro slots available in character specific macros in the blizz macro menu

-Keep the above checked and try /reload UI once you're back in the game

Q: When moving a heal panel for the first time WoW freezes for a fraction of a second or more. Why?
A: I'm using the standard WoW interface for moving panels. I think it's got something to do with how panel components are internally stored. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it.

Q: VuhDo uses about 5-6 megs of my precious ram? Isn't that too much?
A: VuhDo offers up to 10 healing panels each carrying a max. of 51 unit buttons. Every unit button has 11 bars, about 15 icons and some text elements and another target button. That's 5610 bars, 7650 icons... and so on. You can buy another gig of ram for about 20$ and VuhDo will then fit in it 170 times. So: VuhDo uses memory worth about 12 cent.

Q: Some custom (de)buffs aren't detected anymore. Is it a bug?
A: Most probably not. Blizzard sometimes changes the name of a debuff. Please delete the old name and save the new one eg. Weakened Soul (Options=>Debuffs=>Custom=>Enter new buff or debuff name)

Q: All of my raid bars appear white. What am I doing wrong?
A: Under Options=>Buffs=>Config, you have two checkboxes next to every buff. First one is to start watching it and include it into the buffwatch if you have it turned on. Second one (next to Missing) is to watch for the missing buff by color directly on the health bars. This color will overwrite your health bar color until you apply the buff. Uncheck this second check mark if you do not want coloring of bars by missing buff.

Q: I just updated vuhdo to a new version. My panels are missing options or options are not working as described. I think I have a bug!
A: Majority of these cases turn out to be settings that have been corrupted in some way or are not compatible with the current version of vuhdo.
Always back up your setting first. Copy all the files that have vuhdo in their name from the following folders:


into separate folders on your desktop.
Make sure you're not running wow currently. Go to Interface/Addons/Vuhdo folder and run reset_vuhdo.bat file. Start the game, check if your bug appears now that the settings have been reset. If yes, report on the plusheal forums:


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  2. I have a 1/2 inch gap between my "Groups" I've looked into just about every video and walkthrough I could find. Have setup VuhDo to other people setting and still have a 1/2 inch gap. I have tinkered with the gap bar, I can make a larger gap if I want but can't seem to close the gap at all. Any advice would be helpful thanks.

  3. I know what your likely problem is. First go and download the very latest version from curse, then go to Options-Panels-Targets, click on your current panel that's having the problem until the name of the panel is flashing in green above it. Then uncheck Show under Options-Panels-Targets. Click ok and close the options panel.

  4. Q: When I disconnect mid-fight, after logging back in VuhDo panels don't show up until I get out-fight

    I don't want to trolling you, but, grid haven't this problem... Why?

  5. Is there a way that i could make it so that when I accept a quest or open a menu bar, the VuhDo stuff is behind it?

  6. I cant seem to see my main tank in dungeon fights but it is fine for raids.... helop

  7. I cant seem to see my main tank in dungeon fights but it is fine for raids.... helop

  8. when i use vuhdo now it says i need a target ???/

  9. Is there a way to make this addon load by character specific?

  10. As a shaman I like having riptide as my left mouse button. But before this patch it worked to where it targeted who I was healing as well as cast the spell. Now it will cast it but won't target them. Is there a way to cast and target with one click?

  11. Is there a way that you can disable Vuhdo out of combat like most other UI enhancing add-ons? I set up what I think is a great, customized user interface for raids -- but out of combat I still have to look at it (unless I load a SOLO profile with less options as a workaround).

    The SOLO profile works for now, but I'd imagine with such a well-done add-on that there'd be an option to hide it out of combat. For instance, the "Main Tank Panel" is a dark'ish black box on my screen and is draggable at any time.

    I imagine I could 'lock' the profile and change the opacity, but I feel like I'm just missing a "hide out of combat" option somewhere -- not a lot of luck on google I'm afraid.

  12. IS it possible to get a update or way to make so all battle res classes can Bres via vuhdo like druids can?

  13. Hello and THANK you for this great addon. U have made the life of us healer so much better. Now to my request. Alot of us healers would like an option to ONLY show healers mana on the raid UI. Is there any future plans for this? *pray*


    1. @Unkonwn, I don't know if you ever found your answer. Go to General > Indicators > drop down menu for mana bar > select manabars: mana (healer only) > Save.

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  16. Is there a way to get the range finder to work on The Desolate Host ? When players are in the opposite realm as myself the range finder isn't working

  17. Hi, currently my soulstone only works on the living, i can not cast it on anyone that's dead to brez

  18. Please fix the fact that we can't diseable the mythic+ debuff call challenger's burden. Even in the custon debuffs panel, when we uncheck everything, this debuff is still showned. Thank

  19. Hello. I have class bar settings, it is possible for the bar to change color to red if target drop under 35% hp?

  20. I am loveing the app, but no matter what I click on I can't figure out why I can only see 3 groups when I'm on my main. How to I get it to show more groups?

  21. Hi. I cant seem to make Vuhdoo to always show class color on health bar. As soon as i enter combat it changes to a purpleish color, then it changes back. That always happens back and forth . Help :)

  22. just dropped Carafe of Searing Light but if i use the auto trigger i cant use any spell till the tinket is off cd .. any help thx all

  23. how can i cast healing rain centered on that the person i desire

  24. Is there an easy way to move my Vuhdo setup to a different computer?

  25. Is there a way to turn off pets

  26. Vuhdo not accepting any command. /vd show says its showing panels, npt there, /vd options doesn't pull up options menu anymore, plus the chat bar doesn't go away after I hit enter, it stays. bugged as hell, please fix, currently CANNOT use VD because of above issues.

  27. First off let me say I love the addon. I have no complaints what so ever about the addon. I do have a question though, I use ElvUI probably like a lot of others do, I use Vuhdo for my raid panels and not ElvUI, so with that said once I'm in a raid all my mouse functions work awesome, but when you are out of a group you are unable to use any of the vuhdo options. Is there a way to do this, I have my character HP/MB up using ElvUI but you are unable to click on your self you use your mouse macros. I know I rambled on but it would be nice to some how link the to addons if there was a way. Thank you for your time and the addon.

  28. Hi, awesome addon!
    Is there a way to hide vuhdo group1-8 panels when not in a group/raid?

  29. How do I add another row to a Vudo panel? i.e. if I want 4x2 vs 1x8 for group arrangement?

  30. every time i use a HOT like Power Word Shield, there is a red ring around the icon. How do i remove it? i just want to see the icon not a red circle over the entire outside


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  32. Is it possible to have a debuff icon show up when I put purge the wicked on a target? I can't seem to figure out how to do so. The frame changes color, but I would like to know this specific debuf is on a target

  33. This I have not found a solution to and I am going out of my mind. I have followed all the setups, but for some reason, when I start a raid or something all my key-bindings changes. I have no other addons, no clique and this is the first time I am using this.

    For example, I have set keybinding "left mouse button" to Circle of Healing, when in raid it somehow changes to Divine Hymn and I cannot find the mistake.

  34. Is it possible to switch the D/C Shield macros from the Personal Macro to the General Macro area? I use Vuhdo on all of my characters and it makes more sense for it to only use 2 total slots instead of dozens total across all my characters.