Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vuhdo Setup Walkthrough

This is a detailed reference guide covering every option listed in vuhdo options window. It is broken up into sections that correspond to each options tab in the addon. Each section is written so it can be read by itself, without having to read the rest of the guide.
I had to move it to a new home since its original wiki site went down.

If you're opening up vuhdo for the very first time, you will likely be overwhelmed trying to read through every section of this guide all at once (I counted 35+ pages last time I tried to print it). I think I'd sock someone in the face if they tried to hand me a 35+ page manual when I'm trying a new addon.
If this description fits you, you can try one of the numerous shorter written or video guides listed here:

Plusheal-Vuhdo Guides, Videos and Links

They will give you excellent introduction to vuhdo. Afterwards, if you have questions about specific options and where to find them, troubleshooting and so on, you can come back to this guide and use it as a reference. For "I never opened this menu, I wonder what it does" or "I want to set things up specifically but general guides gloss over this info" situations, this is your guide. I will try to make it as complete as I can. If you have suggestions/comments/want to see further information included, please drop a line at plusheal vuhdo support forums.

The guide was last updated using version 2.122, so things should be mostly spot on. See the vuhdo release notes for any changes.

Table of contents

Initial Install

When you first install the add on, it might look a little strange but really it is just trying to show off some of its powerful features.

There are 4 panels auto loaded together with buff watch window and they will initially be overlapping each other. All you need to do is click-drag them to a better location so you can see what's going on better.

Opening the Options Panel

At this point you will need to start configuring vuhdo to fit your needs. Open the option panel by left clicking the minimap icon - it looks like a Draenei.

The option pane does have a different look and feel than most WoW add-ons, but you'll get used to it quickly.

If you want to keep things simple and don't feel like configuring things yourself, you can use the Tools → Panel Wizard menu to change how the main panel is organized, and which of the secondary panels is showing. If you are going to configure things manually, you might want to skip to the section Options → Move!

I'm also going to go through the panel options in order. This isn't necessarily what you want to do when you're setting things up for the very first time, as it can be confusing and overwhelming to set up every single advanced feature at once.
If you're looking at this for the very first time, try some of the intro guides I linked above, which will take you through the most important functions first. Then, when you need to know more thoroughly about options in each panel tab, you can come back to this and hop through the links to the sections you need.

General Tab

This is where you will be setting lots of little features that effect all panels.

General Button

You'll probably want to start customizing the settings on this very first pane. Operation mode is by default neutral. This is the most common setting and covers coloring of hpbars by class, by a select solid color or gradient (green to red usually depending on how much health you have). The actual choice of class coloring vs solid vs gradient is made under Options-General-Indicators-Health Bar, but the operation mode has to be set to neutral in order for that choice to work properly.

Additional operation modes in essence fade out (or color a different color) most of the bars except a few that are showing the lowest HP, allowing to isolate more effectively those in most need of healing.
The bars can be selected based on a few similar criteria: most HP lost, least HP left, or health % left. You can set both the irrelevancy limit above which the bars are faded out as well as max number of players that are to be considered relevant at any given time.

You use only one operation mode at any given time though some of the functions of the modes can be added to other modes via bouquet editing if the preconfigured ones do not fit your needs.

Filter allows you to filter out various units out of the main raid panel if you're showing them in separate panels like main tanks or private tanks panels, to avoid redundancy.
Filtering Main Tanks or 5-man Tanks will allow you to filter out the tanks from the main raid panel if you're showing them separately in the Main Tanks panel so you don't have duplicated bars.
Your target bar is not filtered by default and is shown together with your focus and private tanks in private tanks panel. If you want to filter it out, check target. Same applies for focus.
Note that if you have focus unchecked and want to watch your focus within vuhdo, it will show a focus bar even when you have no focus selected. This is due to a blizzard limitation on spawning buttons mid-combat. However, recent workarounds allow you to hide the focus and target bars if you don't have focus or target selected, and can be activated by checking Options-General-General-Hide Panels-Empty Buttons. In cases where you're using private tank panel as your unitframes replacement, and have no other private tanks specified, it will hide the panel entirely when no focus or target are selected.

Hide Panels will hide entire panels when empty (note that this is different from PT panel hiding of Empty Buttons and refers to your regular raid panels). If you want to hide positions 3/4/5 within a single group when you only have two people in it, check Options-Panels-General-Ordering-Hide empty.
Locking panels is highly recommended once you're done fiddling with the settings. Accidentally dragging the panels during a fight can lag you out for a few seconds and send your raid window off somewhere into a corner. You have the option to lock them only during the fight if you prefer to fiddle still with the positioning between the pulls.
Do enable the lock once you're done though. This will save you much grief. As you can spawn full raidframes even when you're solo, in test mode (explained under Options-Move!) and adjust their positioning that way, you really shouldn't have panels unlocked at any point in combat.

Note that if the whole options window is too small for you to read, there is now a toggle in the upper right portion of the window that allows options scaling.

Scanners Button

In most cases you can probably leave this panel to defaults, but for performance issues it is important to know about these options.

Range is very useful, for making it obvious when a player is out of range for a heal. Pick one of your spells with your typical spell range (probably 40yrds) and put that in as a baseline for your range check. Then when players are out of range their frames will be faded and you know you can't heal them. If you need more than one range check, you have the option to do so by making custom bouquets with range flags, then manually specifying ranges for each flag.

This is also where one of the coolest features is located :) The direction arrow! No more running around randomly trying to give stray raid member a heal. By default you will see an arrow pointing you in the direction of the out of range player. You can set options to also see the distance shown as a number. By default distances are shown only on the player you're mousing over but if you want them on all characters, you can enable the numbers by again making a custom bouquet with a range flag and then displaying it in one of the hot slots (make sure you turn on Options-Panels-Hots-Text in order to see it).

You can make the arrow less or more intrusive (adjust size, appear only on dead players or always appear on target regardless of range).
Remember though that distances are approximated from map coordinates and require some major calculations on the part of vuhdo. If you're playing on a laptop and are struggling with your FPS, turning this off would be one of the first things to do if you're trimming vuhdo down.

Global Scanners option covers update frequency and range for HoTs, cyclic updated bouquets, custom debuff timers etc.
I've never had a problem with the default 250ms. Moving this to very small values can affect your performance so beware. You really don't need to be checking for buffs every 10 ms for example, and it will put some major strain on your CPU. You will not notice any difference between it and 100 or 200 ms (which requires 10x fewer updates) but if you ever have any issues with hots/debuffs/effects appearing to update too slow, this is where you'd adjust it.

Also, if you enter a bg and cannot see buffs and debuffs on someone at the far end of the bg, adjust the scanner distance. 100 yds will cover most situations and really do you even need to see dots on someone farther than that? Chances are you won't be in time to help them anyway. Regardless, if you want to see absolutely everything, you can set it to infinite.

Talent trees option enables you to improve accuracy of raid role assignment. It will help with wrong assignments in classes like druids or dks for example.
Combat log parsing enables internal vuhdo function for parsing combat log in order to provide smoother and faster health updates. It's the equivalent to QuickHealth for those coming from Grid.
Both these functions are highly useful but if for whatever reason you're having performance issues, this would be something you'd want to turn off. Combat log parsing or talent tree checking will definitely add to the CPU load.

Threat/Incoming Button

Incoming heals are very useful to see as a healer, so unless you have serious performance issues you should have those turned on. You can choose which type of heals you want monitored.
Life text shows incoming heals/overheals with numbers. By default, this is on. This is using built in incoming heals function that Blizzard has made available in 4.0.1. Any additional options that may have been present for incoming heals are gone along with libhealcomm.
Setting up colors/opacity of the incoming heals you can do under Options-Colors-Modes. You can also control it by modifying the Flag:Incoming Heals in whatever bouquet you choose to show it in (usually a custom health bar bouquet). Within this bouquet, you'd also control its priority in appearance (above or below range/dead/debuff/overheal coloring). For Incoming Heals text color/size/positioning, you'd refer to Options-Panels-Misc.

Here you can also adjust aggro display by text on the frames. You can of course display aggro in other ways through custom bouquets but the default is the text based display (>> and << in red around their name). Personally, seeing this on a dps or a healer is enough for me to pop a shield on them, and whatever instant heal is at hand, or even a GS, to help them live until the tank can reclaim aggro. For those who prefer not to wait until the dps has already pulled aggro, you can show the Threat bouquet in one of the indicators, preferrably a bar one so you can monitor the level of threat and base your decisions on that instead.

Tank mode is a built-in feature for those who use vuhdo for tanking. It allows vuhdo to ignore aggro from caster mobs that randomly target raid members. When you're tanking, you don't want to be seeing raid members getting aggro from a random cast and wasting time trying to taunt the mob off of them when the mob can't be tanked. As a healer though, you want the tank mode off, as you still want to see who is going to get hit in the face by a spell and need a heal.

AoE Advice

This is a new feature that allows prediction of best possible target for aoe spell based on range calculations. It is in essence very similar to the cluster function when it comes to smart AoE heals like Circle of Healing, Wild Growth and Chain Heal. Instead of showing how many people were in range of any particular raid member, it selects only one "best" target for the aoe heal. This has recently been updated to include an option for best target selection for PoH per group. Once you have this on, it will determine based on distances, what the best target for casting PoH on is, in order to reach all 5 group members and achieve maximum heals.

This function complements the inability of the Clustering function to be configured for more than one aoe spell. So if you configure Options-General-Clustering for your AoE smart spell like Circle of Healing, when it comes to a group based spell like Prayer of Healing, you can use AoE advice to suggest to you best possible targets for casting PoH per group and the method of its function (per group) will not interfere with clustering options or AoE advice for any other healing spell.

This way you can have multiple aoe heals configured and their target casting optimized for best performance.

For smart heals, I feel Clustering still offers better option in that it offers several targets to choose from for a cast (eg. you don't have to have only one raid member target for the absolute best possible aoe heal). If in raids for whatever reason, the suggested targets isn't the best situationally ie. shouldn't be healed because healing them will heal the boss or maybe they are mind controlled and so on, you have choices who to cast it on and still hit 5 targets at least (like in case of CoH and Wild Growth).
However, AoE advice is far more versatile in types of aoe spells covered and I always end up using both features.

The options are pretty self explanatory. I recommend leaving Known Only checked as unchecking this will track aoe feasibility for every aoe spell listed, whether you have it as a class or not.
How often you want it checking for clustering information and updating spell suggestions is up to you but sliding this refresh rate to a low number is a sure way to lower your framerate so make sure you are aware of what you're doing.
Incoming heals subtraction is great for casted aoe heals like Prayer of Healing or Chain Heal because casting on a best possible aoe target suggested may change quickly in a second or two due to heals incoming from other healers. This helps the suggested aoe heals target from jumping around too quickly during combat as incoming heals are counted in already. It also saves you some mana from casting an aoe heal that would get topped up before you even finished your cast.

If you want to see the aoe heal target predictions only when the spell is off cd (if the heal has a CD), you can check that here as well.

The sliders for lower limit on your own aoe heals can be adjusted according to what your stats are and how much your heals hit for. I find I get variable results if I set these too high so I tend to leave them at defaults or adjust them considerably lower than my average aoe heal amounts.

Be aware this section is pretty cpu intensive as is. Really though, this is one of the reasons why you'd pick up a healing addon in the first place, and if you can afford it, I'd highly recommend playing around with this function.
Also, when you're trying this out for the first time, get inside a decent sized group like the one for AV or Tol Barad. Also allow vuhdo 10-20 secs to calculate some distances and calibrate things. Trying this feature out while you're sitting alone with your friend in SW won't give you much information.

Misc Button

This has some interesting options that don't really fit under any other categories. I use it to hide default blizz party and the raid manager and show the global cooldown directly on the hp bar I'm currently mousing over. This is great when I'm doing PoM/CoH/Renew spam (though less useful in cata due to prevalence of heals with cast times). I don't even need to flick my eyes to the castbars in these situations.
If you have another addon that's actively forcing hide/show on any of the frames listed in this section, select Leave Alone and let that other addon handle it instead. Setting more than one addon to actively hide/show frames will result in conflicts and frames showing/hiding erratically.

You can turn on and change the message that is posted to raid/party chat when rezing someone. You need to put "vuhdo" (without the quotation marks) as the placeholder for the name of the toon you are rezzing.

Clique support can also be find here should you want to stick with it instead of built in click heal support. Keep in mind if you do this, you will not have access to vuhdo specific menu function using the mouse. Menu function allows you to choose your private tanks as well as designate your own custom main tank list if you're not happy with whatever your raid leader is doing.
Support for this would have to be built into Clique, not Vuhdo, so you have to bug Cladhaire if you want this :) If you're stuck for the menu functions because you're using Clique, keyboard alternatives are now built in. Jump to the end of this guide (Player Bar Menu subsection) for more info.

Reaction on mouse click initial press is built into vuhdo by default. Should you choose to go back to reaction on mouse click release, it's under Mouse Up.
The equivalent for keyboard press has been added to the default UI by blizz in 4.1 so you should not need an addon (or vuhdo feature) for it.

For D/C Shield, you need to have two macro slots available per character specific blizz macro list for each character that uses vuhdo. The feature uses macro slots to try to recreate the frames for you immediately after you log back in the middle of combat after a D/C. If you're a stickler for macro space, and this happens rarely to you, check D/C shield to turn the feature off. Then, to recover your raidframes after you dc, do a /reload UI instead.

Finally, Buttonfacade/Masque support can be enabled here if you prefer that your buff watch icons match the rest of your UI.

Indicators Button

Due to more flexible customization requests, indicators were introduced. They allow modification of almost every aspect of the raidframes. The set of instructions on how each indicator is to behave is called a bouquet and is explained in greater detailed in the bouquet section.
Few indicators that also display bouquets and aren't listed in this section are under Hot Icon/Hot Bars slots so keep that in mind when you're deciding how to display your information.

For a quick setup, what you should pay attention to here is Health Bar coloring. Choose among the various Health Bar bouquets on the drop down menu next to it as desired. These include Health bar (generic), Health bar (generic, solid), Health bar (generic, class colored) and Health bar (generic, gradient). The last 3 are in essence just like Health Bar (generic) but with the option of solid, gradient or class colored already selected for you instead of having to click on edit, % health flag and choose the coloring yourself.
This is your default health bar coloring for all panels.

However, you can have different health bar coloring in different panels. For example I keep my Main Tanks panel class colored and my main raid panel solid (black on white) color. To do this, there is another health bar color selection under Panels->Bars->Custom Setting->Custom Health Bar Bouquet. It will override the General->Indicator->Health Bar one for whatever panel you have currently selected. If you want to have same coloring on all the panels, make sure that Panels->Bars one is on off/empty or the same color as General->Indicators. If health bar isn't colored the way you selected under Indicators, again check that it doesn't conflict with Panels->Bars one.

Make sure you check Mana bar indicator. The default bouquet is mana bar display but you can change it to all power display, threat, specific HoT or debuff display etc.
Finally, check your display for outer border is to your taste as by default it is Multi+Aggro and shows different colors as you mouseover, target a target or gain aggro.

Additional functions can be found under "More" button next to the indicator you're modifying. For example, in case of Health Bar indicator, this will contain options to invert the bars (bars grow as health decreases), change axis to vertical (bars will grow/shrink in vertical direction) or flipped (direction of growth changes from right to left) as shown here:

For a more advanced use of Indicators, check the Bouquets section of the guide. Flags that make up the bouquets will offer additional options in customizing the indicator.

Clusters Button

This section is an extremely useful aid in AoE healing. There are two display methods that allow you to decide how to cast an AOE heal:

1) One will show how clustered raid members are to each other hence allowing you to choose which raid member to cast your heal on so that it hits maximum amount of players. Nothing worse when you cast your aoe heal than to realize that the person you cast it on is far off and it healed nobody else but him.
2) Second display shows you exactly who your aoe heal will hit if you cast it on current mouseover.

The first display helps you make a decision in advance who to target with your aoe heal to maximize efficiency which is pretty self explanatory.

Second display will show you who will benefit from it if you cast on current mouseover and who will get left out and will need further heals. Useful for when you want to make sure your AoE heal hits the right people (for example if you want to make sure it includes both tanks + other specific raid members, rather than just hitting max number of people) and can afford a sec to plan out who to hit. Also good for things like outlining group heals when your raidframe is not sorted by group.

Neither of displays is actually configured here but their base numbers and the way they operate are.

Things to watch for here are range and health level sliders. Range will change depending on your talents or glyphs. The range refers to the aoe spread of the heal, not your range to the target you initially cast it on. So for example for CoH, it's not 40yds that I have to cast it on the target of choice but 30 yds it operates in once cast on the current target.

Health level sliders adjusts when you want to see clustering. I like to almost always show it but it can be distracting for some and you may choose to watch for it only when there is serious raid damage going on.
Max number of heal targets is adjusted based on the talents and glyphs. For example, if you use Glyph of Circle of Healing adjust your max number of targets to 6.
Also if you want to further limit the display of clustering info, you may choose to show it only when your aoe spell of choice is off cooldown.

Source/destination offers options depending on the mechanics of your aoe spell. You need to adjust this to your type of aoe heal. For example CoH is cast on any target (not myself only) and it affects entire raid (not limited to group like PoH).

Counter affects the first type of display I mentioned. It is by default shown under Panels->Hot Icons->choose Cluster Finder from the dropdown menu of any of the hot placement slots. It will show how many players are clustered to each other by number and color. The threshold definition for what you consider fair or good clustering is changed here. To adjust how the counter looks - font type and size properties button is included.
If you don't want to show this as a hot and instead want to show it in one of the other indicators, you can do that by making a custom bouquet. The example of clustering bouquet to mimic this function is shown in Bouquets section.

The second type of aoe heals display where you monitor who exactly gets the aoe heal can be selected for any of the indicators (used to be outer border by default) by choosing the bouquet Cluster Mouse Hover.

The downside of clustering is that you can set it up only for one type of heal (eg. smart/group/reticle defined/cone). If you have more than one type of aoe heal this can be a problem. Therefore when you're setting this up, you should pair it up with the display under Options-Genera-AoE advice. For example I use AoE advice for my Prayer of Healing and Clustering for Circle of Healing.

Bouquets Button

Bouquets were made in response to user requests for more flexibility in the way in which various hots, cooldowns and statuses are shown. They give access to almost all the things you can change within vuhdo like health bar foreground color, background color, frame color (frame outside and inside), mouseover opacity, hot positions, hot bars etc. as shown below:

Most of these indicators can be found under General → Indicators. Bars within the hp bar and square/icon positions around the frame can be found under Panels → Hots and Panels → Hot Bars.

For each of those elements now you can specify how they're going to behave.
There are a number of bouquet presets included as defaults that regulate basic operation of the raidframes:

AOE Advice
Aggro Indicator
Alternative Powers
Background: ClassColor
Background: Solid
Border: Multi
Border: Multi+Aggro
Border: Simple
Cluster: Mouse Hover
Direction Arrow
Grid: Background Bar
Grid: Mouseover Single
Health Bar: (generic, class colored)
Health Bar: (generic, solid)
Health Bar: (generic, gradient)
Health Bar: (generic, target)
Manabars: All Powers
Manabars: Mana Only
Mouseover: Multi
Mouseover: Single
PW:S & Weakened Soul
Player Chi
Player Holy Power
Raid Cooldowns
Role Color
Role Icon
Sinestra: Wrack
Tank Cooldowns
Tank Cooldowns extd
Threat: Marks
Threat: Status Bar

Bouquet itself is an arrangement of various flags, each flag separately customized and ordered by priority. Some of these bouquets are self-explanatory.
Border: Simple is set in the indicator position for the outer frame. It has only one flag customized by default to be black. In essence it’s a simple black frame around the hp bar.
Border: Multi on the other hand has 3 flags included. First one is color for frame if the player is targeted (by default white. You can change color and width of any of these flags). Next one is color if the player is moused over which by default is yellow. Last flag is default black frame color. What this means is that all hp bars have a simple black border around them unless moused over (yellow) or targeted (white) if you have this bouquet set in the frame indicator position.
Border: Multi+Aggro simply has the aggro flag added to the above three, and placed as first in priority with red color so that red frame takes priority over all the above conditions (target, mouseover, default black).

Since the recent patch, you can also include a flag for a focus target into this bouquet if you prefer to heal using focus/target/mouseover mechanics.

Possible flags that you can use are listed below:

Color: #Stacks
Color: Emergency
Color: Friend/Foe
Color: Overheal Highlight
Counter: All Shield Absorb #k
Direction Arrow
Flag: AFK
Flag: Aggro
Flag: Altern. Power > %
Flag: Always Class Color
Flag: Always Solid
Flag: Charmed
Flag: Class Color if active
Flag: Cluster >= players
Flag: Cluster, Mouseover
Flag: Dead
Flag: Debuff Curse
Flag: Debuff Disease
Flag: Debuff Magic
Flag: Debuff Poison
Flag: Debuff, configured
Flag: Disconnected
Flag: Distance < yards
Flag: Duration < sec
Flag: Duration > sec
Flag: Health < %
Flag: Health < k
Flag: Health > %
Flag: Health > k
Flag: Mana < %
Flag: Mouseover Group
Flag: Mouseover Single
Flag: Other Player's Hots
Flag: Own Chi  ==
Flag: Own Holy Power ==
Flag: Player Focus
Flag: Player Target
Flag: Raid Target Color
Flag: Range, in
Flag: Range, out of
Flag: Resurrection
Flag: Role Damager
Flag: Role Healer
Flag: Role Tank
Flag: Stacks >
Flag: Swiftmend possible
Flag: Tapped
Flag: Threat > %
Flag: Threat, High
Flag: Threat, Overnuke
Icon: AOE Advice
Icon: Class
Icon: Custom Debuff
Icon: Master Looter
Icon: PvP Status
Icon: Raid Assist
Icon: Raid Leader
Icon: Raid Symbol
Icon: Role
Icon: Target's Raid Symbol
Statusbar: Altern. Power %
Statusbar: Health%
Statusbar: Inc. Heals %
Statusbar: Mana %
Statusbar: Threat %
Statusbar: always full
Statusbar: full if active
Statusbar: non-Mana %

Most of these you will recognize as previous or currently available options, just presented differently. For example,
Statusbar: Mana% used to be available as a checkbox to turn the mana bar on or not, with a width adjustment slider. Now you can place this mana bar above, below or to the sides of the frame or even within the frame, and color it however you like, as well as adjust the width. The choices in its display have greatly expanded.

In addition to these preset flags, you can type any hot, buff or debuff by name into the flag properties box.

Lets now say you want a bouquet for healer cooldowns on the target. Start by typing in a new bouquet name under General → Bouquets.
Some of the important healer cooldowns include Hand of sacrifice, Divine Guardian, Pain Suppression, Guardian Spirit, Tranquility and so on. Enter each into debuff/hot/buff name box and adjust properties for each. You can order them by importance (ie. if more than one are present on the target), or show them as icons (if you’re putting them in hot icon positions) or simple colored squares or circles etc. You can also show only your cooldowns or those coming form other healers or both. You can then choose to show this bouquet wherever you like. I like using hot bars for these, but you can use any of the indicator slots listed at the start.

Another common bouquet is clustering bouquet normally found under Panels->Hot Icons->Clusters. This is a built in option, but should you wish to display it somewhere else you can create your own bouquet like this:

The bouquet uses Flag: Cluster>#players flags and sets first one to green and number of players to 5 (you can change this to whatever you like. For example 6 if you have a glyph of CoH). Second one is set to yellow and number of players to 3. You can of course set as many colors and number cutoffs as you like. This will in essence place the color warning for clustering into frame borders instead (or whatever other indicator you choose) and notify you of how clustered the raid members are, and which targets are best to hit with aoe heals through border coloring.

Few extra bouquets need to be mentioned as they're frequently asked about.
Role Icons are useful if you like displaying role icons on your hpbars at all times and don't want to use the default "right click between the hpbars" function to display them. Recently an option has been added to display these as colors too, and not just icons, so if you'd prefer to indicate roles by colored little squares or even colored borders, you have the option to do that.
Holy Power is a useful bouquet for paladins who prefer not to have their unitframes anywhere near their raidframes (or prefer to do away with unitframes altogether).

Alternative powers was added Cataclysm. For all those encounters that need tracking of special power levels like sound on Atremedes or Corruption on Cho'gall, alternative powers is the bouquet you want to use. Amount of sound is proportional to damage taken from other abilities like Searing Flame and you want to be immediately aware of the risk of player dying as a healer. Since it changes depending on the amount of power applied, any type of bar display would be ideal eg. mana bar, threat bar, side bars or hot bars.

Another set of new flags I should mention is Statusbar: Always Full and Statusbar: Full if Active. This feature allows combining of flags in statusbars. This is applicable when the two flags are not the same in nature, eg. one is a timer and another one a status (on/off). To try an example, lets say I want to show Beacon of Light as a hot bar, ticking down from the time I cast it. The thing is, Beacon of Light range is 60 yds. My fading on out of range is set to 40. The tank may show out of range but he may still be in range for beacon renewal. So, I can set up a separate indicator somewhere to show when target is beyond 60yds but lets say I do not want a whole separate indicator just for that. I make a new bouquet, put in Beacon of Light as one of the flags, and for the second one, above it in priority, I put Flag: Distance > yards and adjust it to 60. Then as the final flag on top, I add Statusbar: Full if Active. Without the statusbar flag, every time tank got beyond 60 yards, Flag:Distance would take priority and bar would be shown as full. This way, you will still see the bar ticking down due to BoL timer, but if you set Distance flag to do a color change for example, the bar will simply change color while still retaining the timer function of BoL.

Spell Tab

This is the tab that is most important, because once you set these, changing them will be very hard on your muscle memory.

The choice between using "Mouse" or "Keys" - or I guess both, will be totally personal and based on what you prefer. I like to use mouseover macros for almost all essential spells. I only use mouse buttons for dispels, certain cooldowns and menu functions.

Mouse Button

Vuhdo comes with all your classes spells pre-assigned for using the mouse-click method. I personally recommend going through and clicking through all the options deleting everything that has been pre-assigned, and then going back and assigning each of your spells as you see fit. (If you are migrating from healbot or grid/clique, you will probably assign them the same as you did there.)

You can assign any spell or item that is targetable. You can also assign custom macros to any of these slots. To invoke a custom macro that you made in the blizzard macro menu, you type its name into the spell assignment box. In the bottom right corner of the box, you should be able to see "macro" if you typed the name correctly.

Note that if you have any custom macros that are named the same as the spell name, Vuhdo will use the macro over the spell. This is a common source of confusion as people are trying to assign spells to the mouse buttons and are forgetting they have at some point made macros with the same name. The bottom right corner of the box has to say "spell" if you're assigning a spell directly.

Don't forget to put in special key words too (without the circle)
    •    target - so you can target any player
    •    menu - so you can access the vuhdo player menu (shown later)
    •    tell - so you can easily start a whisper with any party/raid member.
    •    dropdown - so you can see the default blizz dropdown menu when you right click on yourself.

Also note that if you are using Clique instead of the vuhdo built in click-healing system, you cannot assign the vuhdo specific menu function from within Clique. You will have to assign private tanks through macros/scripts instead of using the vuhdo menu function. See Player Bar Menu section near the end of this guide for instructions.

Keys Local Button

This is a highly useful menu if you frequently run out of macro space in blizzard default macro menu.

Vuhdo comes with its own internal macro database included. This means you can put many more macros in here without having to take up space in blizzard macro menu, and these macros aren't limited by 255 character limit.
Let me first stress the fact that so far, this internal database applies only to keyboard binds (and for PC users, also to all those mouse buttons above mouse button 5, which you remap to various keyboard keys using your mouse drivers). Support for the first 5 mouse buttons in this macro system may appear at some point in the future but for now, Options-Spells-Mouse and Options-Spells-Hostile sections work only with spell names and with macro names from the blizzard macro menu.

Also, you should know that macros from the internal vuhdo database work only over vuhdo frames. For some people this is advantageous as they do not want to accidentally cast things while they're moving their mouse off the vuhdo frames in order to move their character and they happen to be mousing over someone's toon in 3D.
For others this is a problem as they do want to be able to cast not only while mousing over vuhdo frames but also while mousing over unitframes, nameplates above people's heads (Tol Barad style pvp healing comes to mind) and toons in 3D. If this is you, you might want to stick with the default blizz macro menu for your main spells.

If you do assign a keybind to a macro in Keys Local, you can assign that same keybind to some other function under default blizz keybinds for when your mouse is not over the vuhdo frames.
Do not assign keys you use for movement outside vuhdo, to any spells within vuhdo ie. do not use them for this dual function. Because keys like this are held pressed for a long time, this can interfere with detection of whether the mouse is over vuhdo frame or not.
Note that in a very small percentage of users, there is also a bug where for so far unknown reason, the mouse event that normally triggers when on and when off the frames, gets stuck so that even off the frames, it's still casting the function as if it's on the frames. Simply moving the mouse on and off the frames should reset it and if not, you might want to pass on dual binding your keyboard keys.

This section is also handy for very long macros that normally you cannot ever use without taking up more than one slot in blizzard macro menu. These would include profession, mount macros, trade selling/buying macros, announcements and so on. If you are going to use vuhdo system to cast them, keep in mind it would be prudent to keep Options-General-General-Hide-Self unchecked so to have something to cast them over even when you're solo in the city or farming/questing. Remember they will trigger only over vuhdo frames.

How do you set them up? When you first click on Keys Local submenu, on the bottom you will see two buttons. Add and Remove. Hit + (Add) in order to create the first macro. Give it a name by typing it into the box. Keep in mind you do not want names of these macros to match those you have in blizzard macro menu. Make them different/unique. If you try to type in a macro name that matches that of a macro in blizzard macro menu, the edit button will disappear and you will not be able to modify the macro. If you try to type in a macro name that matches a spell name, vuhdo will warn you that's not such a great idea as it will always pick a macro over a spell itself which you may not want.

After you're done with naming, mouse over the big white Not Bound button and click your keyboard key or keyboard key combination (eg. Shift+P). The keyboard bind will now be listed on this button.

Next hit edit. You are given a big white macro space into which you can type your macro/script. You are even given a short description on the bottom of the vuhdo specific @mouseover, @targettarget, @pettarget equivalents. After you're done, hit (+) Accept and your new shiny macro should be listed. Repeat procedure for more custom macro goodness.

Keep in mind you do not have to include trinkets or instant spells auto-firing or error suppression messages into your macros if you've checked these options already under Options-Spells-Misc. 

Keys Global Button

This used to be the previous Keys section, now useful for those who hate writing macros and who would much prefer for the addon to do this process for them.

These macros are still stored internally within vuhdo (meaning they're not taking up blizzard macro menu space) but they are not editable as vuhdo creates them for you according to the (mostly) simple recipe:

/cast [@vuhdo] Spell

To have vuhdo make these macros for you, you will assign to the numbered slots in this section various spells by typing in spell names like Flash Heal or Holy Light and so on. Keep in mind you cannot assign macro names to this section as vuhdo is already making these spells into macros for you (macro in a macro is a no no).

After you type in spell names you want to assign, go into the WoW Key Binding interface and set up the key bindings for each of these newly made macros.
How? Scroll down to the very bottom of the wow keybinding section. You should see a long section that has a heading named Vuhdo-Raid Frames and keybinds like Keybind Spell 1, Keybind Spell 2.

Keybind Spell 1 in Vuhdo-Raid Frames section in wow keybinding interface corresponds to the box number 1. under Options-Spells-Keys Global in vuhdo.
Therefore numbers 1, 2, 3 up to 16 under Options-Spell-Keys Global in vuhdo are not referencing to keyboard keys. They are referencing to vuhdo section in wow keybinding menu.
Assign a keybind for each of the spells in wow keybinding interface like you normally do and you're set to go.

These macros should work over all frames, whether vuhdo or not.

If however, you like your macros to do very specific things, you like modifiers and spell combos etc., you can either make the macros yourself in the default macro blizz menu, and bind to the mouse buttons or drag them to the action bars and use as any regular mouseover macros or you can use the Options-Spells-Keys Local section of vuhdo to conserve macro space.

Keep in mind though, macros made through vuhdo, whether in Keys Global section or Keys Local, will have some extra features included automatically for you without you having to write them out into the macro (shown in the next Misc section) like trinket auto-firing, instant (off of the GCD) auto-firing, automatic error-suppression and so on, saving you plenty of macro space in the process.

Misc Button

This panel has recently been much simplified with moving of spec specific spell bindings to Options-Tools-Key Layouts.

Now it serves mainly for set up of auto-triggering of any trinket or spell (that doesn't trigger the global cooldown). This will allow it to be used every time it is off cool down. If you are like me and ALWAYS forget to use your "On use" trinkets, this is a GREAT feature. I also use it for "Inner Focus" It may not be the most efficient use of that talent/spell but if I didn't do this I never remembered to use it and that is a much less efficient use of the talent point. Error sound and message suppression is built in as well so you don't have to write out your own macros for this.

You can also set vuhdo to auto target whoever you are mousing over and healing currently ("target"). If you prefer to always target whoever you are healing, then this is the feature for you as it saves you the trouble of clicking to target before healing (or writing that into every single macro).

Hostile Tab

This section is the same as the one under Mouse but this applies to hostile targets. I assume you have chosen to show player target or target of target in one of your raidframes else this section will be of very little use to you. Clicking on hostile bars directly will follow this mouse assignment.

If you are trying to select your tank's target or ToT by clicking on them and you find you are unable to do so, remember that you need to assign target to left click (or whatever other mouse button) under Options-Spells-Hostile, same as you did for friendly targets under Options-Spells-Mouse.

This section is a frequent source of conflict with healing spells assignments if you use any macros. A result can be spells not firing, spells firing only on certain targets, only on yourself etc.

If you are ever assigning a macro into any of the mouse button assignments under Options-Spells-Mouse instead of a spell and then you want to assign either a macro or a spell to the same mouse button under Options-Spells-Hostile (and vice versa), you will run into problems that have to be resolved in a specific way.

To give an example:
If you enter a macro into a button assignment (eg. left click) for friendly targets (under Options-Spells-Mouse) and then you type a spell or a macro in the Options-Spells-Hostile assignment for that same button, the assignment will not work properly. You instead have to make a macro that includes both the heal and the hostile action like this:

/cast [harm,@mouseover] NukeSpellName
/cast [noharm,@mouseover] HealSpellName

and assign it to both friendly and hostile assignment for that button.
If you are referencing spells directly for both friendly and hostile assignment for that button, you do not need to follow the above process. Your assignments should work fine as vuhdo will make the appropriate macro for you.

Smart Cast Tab

Here you can set a number of spells to smartcast while out of combat when clicking on the player bar. Some of these may be on by default so if you ever wonder why all of a sudden you're cleansing or buffing without intent to do so, check this section.
On the other hand, smartcast buffing paired with showing missing buffs by color right on the player bars, can be a very powerful tool for all your buffing needs.
Battle Rez (druid only) alone can be set to smart cast in combat when clicking on the dead player's bar.
Set the modifier keys you would like this to work with here (eg. smartcast only when shift pressed as well) so that you still have the functionality but do not have to use it if you simply want to target someone or heal out of combat (or in combat in case of battle rez).

Buffs Tab

This is the tab for managing the buffs your class has available.

Config Button

As you can see the default set up is for all your buffs to be displayed in a column. You can choose in this pane which of your buffs you want to have shown. I don't use this for Fear Ward or my Shadow Fiend so I've unchecked those. But if you did use it for fear ward you can use the "menu" click to assign it to a particular player (yourself or the tank probably). Keep in mind that due to blizzard limitations, this assignment cannot be changed mid combat. This is why unless you have only one target you're casting this on, it's better to bind it to a key/mouse button and cast it that way.

Notice that for each buff there are two checkboxes. The first one simply registers tracking of the buff and if you have buffwatch enabled, you will see it as is shown here on the left.

Checking the boxes where it says missing will also color your health bar with whatever color you set for a missing buff. The top missing color shown will be the one at the very top in your Buffs->Config settings (in this case fort, which I have set to white). You can use buttons up and down to change this priority coloring and click on the missing color picker to change the color.

As it is a common source of confusion, I should point out that which buffs show up in this panel is not dependent on profiles under Options-Tools-Profiles or Options-Tools-Key Layout. The buff lists are independent and hard-coded to spec specific changes. This means when I change my spec, I should automatically see Pain Suppression there instead of Guardian Spirit. My profile will simply save what things I have personally checked to monitor. If for whatever reason you're not seeing this, you need to either go under Options-Tools-Reset and reset the buffwatch or reset the addon settings entirely by closing wow, going to vuhdo folder and running reset_vuhdo.bat.

It also means that if you want a certain buff monitored that you think should be there for your class/spec and you do not see, you have to ask (nicely) Iza to add it in.

General Button

On this pane you can adjust how exactly the buff watch is displayed (or whether it's enabled at all).
If you want to make it horizontal vs. vertical, use the Max Buffs per row slider.
If you are unhappy with how often the buff durations are updated, the refresh rate can be adjusted here. I'd recommend changing this only if you're tracking something short and where this refresh rate could possibly make a difference like a GS etc. Otherwise leave it as is. Lowering refresh rates is the easiest way to ramp up the cpu time the addon is going to use for very little benefit.

On the buff watch window itself you should see a few numbers next to the buff you're tracking. One should be a number of charges of the buff (unless you check Hide Charges to hide this number) and the other will display how many people are missing the buff. This number is further broken down into people missing the buff that are within range (xx) and people missing buff that are out of the range for buffing (yy) and is displayed in an xx/yy format.
Final number displayed is duration left on the buff in minutes:seconds.

Colors Button

You can change the coloring scheme of the buff watch panel here. When there are players missing the buff it will display the number of players needing the buff in Red by default. If there are unbuffed players out of range it will state how many players are in range and need the buff and then how many are out of range and need it. If all players have the buff the number of players (and pets) with the buff will be displayed in green. If the buff is below a threshold time limit (set on the rebuff button pane) then it will display the number of players needing a rebuff soon in yellow.

The range check is great for saving yourself the mana and not needlessly reapplying the buff until everyone is there.

If you are also showing missing buffs by color directly on the hp bars like myself, make sure you check off Bar and In Combat. While you won't be able to click on the hp bar during combat to let vuhdo buff the player automatically for you, you at least can see who is missing the buff and decide whether you have the mana to reapply it to the raid.

This is also where you would adjust opacity, coloring and border for the buffwatch panel, allowing it to better blend into your UI. Buttonfacade support has been included into vuhdo if you're a stickler for keeping all the icons on the screen skinned in the same way.

Rebuff Button

Since the recent changes in 4.0.1, and removal of distinction between individual and group buffs this section has been greatly simplified. Normally, clicking on the buffwatch frame over the shown buff will cast the desired buff.
You can choose instead to scroll through the buffs via a mouse wheel while on a buffwatch frame by checking Smart Wheel.

In addition, here you set the threshold for the yellow warning text that the buff is about to run out. If you are doing bosses that take 3min then you could set the limit to 3min... if you are doing bosses that take closer to 6min then you might want to set the limit a little higher to make sure all buffs that need to be reapplied, are.

Combined checkbox is here for shammies wanting to cast Call of the Elements directly off the buffwatch for 4 totems in one button goodness.

Debuffs Tab

This is where you set most of your debuff settings (used to be under general tab). You still can choose to show individual debuffs or groups of debuffs outside these general settings, via bouquets or just typing in debuff names into HoT slots.

Standard Button

Vuhdo can automatically detect and show you if a player is under a debuff that is removable by you. This is the tab that lets you control what it shows. Warning - if you can cleanse magic don't uncheck "non-harmful" or you will want to cleanse mages with arcane blast.
If you ever find you do not want to see the removable debuffs by coloring the whole hpbar, you would change this under Options-Colors-States-Debuffs by unchecking the boxes for Background and for Text.

Checking Icon allows you to show all debuffs, including rends, bleeds, mob specific spells etc. This setting is great when doing heroics or simply leveling or questing. You do want to be aware of nasty dots as a healer, even if they do not necessarily fall into the basic categories of magic/poison/curse etc. and adding every single one of these random debuffs into the custom list is too much work.
It also means now you can see all the superfluous debuffs like exhaustion on entire raid or Bested Gnomeregan and so on. Ignore list is there to help you get rid of these pesky debuffs you do not want to be seeing. Don't forget to hit Save after entering each one and be careful of spelling.
For raids I keep Icons unchecked and let custom debuff list take care of the important raid debuffs as I find it finite and easier to micromanage.
If you choose to uncheck Icons and let custom debuff list take care of your debuffs however, any magic/curse/poison/disease etc. debuffs that the boss casts will show up by color (since they are removable) but will not show up by icons. You could turn Icons on for that but then you'd have to let in all the debuffs and not just important ones on your custom debuffs list. You could add all the magic/curse etc. effects one by one to custom debuffs but that's tedious to do for every boss. Instead if you want to show icons for the removable debuffs but you want to use only custom debuffs list to show your debuffs, then check Boss Only option.

Debuff sounds will allow you to set a default sound for every debuff. On the next tab you can set it for individual debuffs which I personally find more useful since sound for every single debuff would drive me batty. To each his own though.

Custom Button

Here you can customize the custom debuffs display. These will be mostly your raid debuffs though personal debuffs of interest like Weakened Soul can also be added. You could add any buff/hot to this list as well though you have plenty of alternate choices to show these.

You can select to display debuffs by icons or bar color, to display timers or stacks and even add the name of the buff on the bar if you're confused what each icon is and are not using the debuff tooltip option under Options-Panels-Tooltip-Debuff.

Settings on the left side of this panel apply to all debuff icons in the custom debuff list. Settings on the right are for individual debuffs you select in the list, allowing you to customize appearance of each debuff separately, in great detail.
For example, on Blood Queen I like to show when people are bit (Essence of the Blood Queen)and when they need to bite someone (Frenzied Bloodthirst). I color the health bar for both debuffs with specific colors so it is very easy to see during the fight. To avoid clutter in the debuff icon display, you can choose not to show a debuff by icon if you're already showing it by custom color (uncheck Icon on the right in Store/Delete section for the desired debuff). You can also associate a sound with a debuff if you wish.

Note that even if you have Options-Debuffs-Standard-Icons checked, and are letting all the debuff icons through, the custom settings you set up here for individual debuffs will still apply and take priority eg. custom bar color or animation for a specific boss debuff.

Custom debuff list contains important boss debuffs by default. If there are any that are missing, type them into the box that says "Enter new buff or debuff name" and hit save.

To control number of debuff icons you are showing at any one time, or their positioning, move onto Visuals subsection.

Recently added option for individual debuffs is called Alive Time. This is for rare debuffs like the the hot potato one Putricide casts on heroic mode (the exact name of which escapes me right now. Unbound plague maybe?), that you have to pass on in x number of seconds. In other words, how long the debuff is on the target is more important then its total length. Wrack on Sinestra is another good example for this.

For those long debuffs that for whatever reason you want to track through their entire duration by a timer and not just the last 10 seconds before expiry, you can check Full Duration option.

Visuals Button

Here you can adjust how many debuffs you want to show on your bars. You can show up to 5 debuff icons on any single bar at the same time. I prefer to show the max but you can limit yourself to only one, grid style. This setting will be per panel, and will apply to all debuffs on that raid panel. If you choose to use only custom debuffs in raid (uncheck Debuffs->Standard->Icon), you'll rarely see more than 2 icons anyway unless you're doing PvP.

Sliders in this section allow you to set x/y position for debuff icon bar and direction of growth (4 positions indicated by circles). My direction of growth is set to upper right. This means my debuffs will come in from upper right anchor point set by x/y position sliders and will grow to the left and then down (though unless you have very tiny hpbars and max number of debuffs shown, you'll rarely see them grown down).
Overall debuff size can also be adjusted here.

Another recent feature is customization of text for debuff timer and debuff stacks. You can adjust size, positioning and font for both of these numbers, making them easy to see.

Panel Tab

This is where we will get into the nitty-gritty of setting up Vuhdo to look and act exactly as you want it to.

General Button

Vuhdo can have up to 10 different panels, so when you are adjusting a panel make sure that the panel selected is the one you want to be making adjustments to. The panel itself will have a white border and the panel # title will be in flashing green instead of grayed out.

Also the name of the panel will be displayed in the upper right corner of the Vuhdo Configuration pane.

If you want all your panels to have the same configuration then click "Apply All".
Before you start really messing with this, I recommend you take a quick detour to the "Move" Tab and click the 25 button instead of the current, that way Vuhdo will fill the panel with duplicates of your self which will help you judge sizes and such. Click on Hold to Test button to see what the arrangement looks like.

This raid arrangement with duplicated health bars will be preserved if you then click on the panel tab in the options. This allows you to adjust all the panel options (position, size, width, textures, hots etc.) as you would like them to look in a full raid so you do not have to do this in the middle of the run, between the pulls.
Once you've chosen a view, go back to the Options-Panels-General.

In the ordering section, you can choose between grouped or loose. Some features only work if grouped, so I've always left it that way but loose can be useful if you're ordering groups by role under Options-Tools-Panel Wizard-Role (requires Loose checked here) and also in pvp setups where there is a lot of joining and leaving the raid during combat resulting in rearrangement of unitframes. Loose configuration can somewhat minimize (although not completely diminish) this effect when combined with Options-Tools-Panel Wizard-Unsort.

Next option sets up the size limitations of your currently selected panel. For example, if you clicked on the 25 man view under Options-Move!, you now want to set up a 5x5 panel (or 1x25 or any other arrangement of 25 boxes).
This setting will shape how wide and high the panel is that you will populate with groups. However, if you're setting it up 5x5 and have more than 25 people in the raid group, extra groups will just get tacked onto the end of your group depending on where they're positioned under Options-Move!
So before you finish adjusting the size, go to Options-Move! to set up your groups first. If there are more than 25 people in the raid, and you don't want to see anything past position 25, you have to remove groups 6, 7 and 8 from the panel under Options-Move!.
In addition if you want to see your groups in the reverse order ie. 5 4 3 2 1 instead of 1 2 3 4 5, under Options-Move! click on the group where it says click to Drag Me and drag them around into the order you want.

Hide Empty option is there to hide any cells that are not yet filled in a group.
You First will position you always first within your group. This options, paired with Own Group selection for group properties under Options-Move! allows for fixed positioning of your own health bar within the raid panel. For example, I like to order the raid so that I put my own group second in the raid panel. Under Options-Move!, this would look like this: 1 OwnGroup 2 3 4 5
Then you filter Own Group under Options-General-General (will remove the group number it identifies I'm in eg. if I'm in group 2, it will remove group 2 from the above list so that your own group isn't duplicated twice). In addition I check You First option and order the group by max HP.
As a result top left corner of my 5x5 panel always has tanks (raid leader puts tanks in group 1 by request). I am always next to them on the right, in column 2, position 1. This negates the need for me to have my own unitframe prominently displayed near the raidframes since I can always find myself in the same position.

Horizontal and bottom alignment tell vuhdo to populate the groups as players join the raid from the bottom up or horizontally first and then down (or up if you have both checked). However that is just populating hpbars within the group.
If you want to change the direction of growth for the entire panel you need to adjust the anchor point.
The anchor point tells Vuhdo which way to have the panel grow as players are added to it. The most natural is for it to grow to the right. However you may find situations where growing from the left or bottom is useful (eg. combined with horizontal and bottom alignment).

Sorting within a group was partially touched on already. You should keep it on Panel Model if you're going with Loose ordering and sorting by role under Options-Tools-Wizard. If you want to make an arrangement for a 5 man instance and want the ordering as blizzard keeps them now, ie. tank first, followed by healer and then dps, select order by UnitID. Keep in mind this isn't always infallible on blizz side, so if you don't have tank first 100% of the time, it's nothing vuhdo can do anything about.
If you're determined to have tank in position one, order by max HP instead or make a MT window and show the tank there, and at the same time filter him out of the main group window by clicking on Options-General-General-Filter-5 man MT.

Properties of the background panel for the raidframes are also adjusted here so that you do not need to generate a separate background frame/border via kgpanels. I do not use this frame at all so I set both the panel border and background to 0 opacity and edge texture to none but that's a matter of taste. Like for all the texture options, vuhdo does have sharedmedia support so if you want to swap out the border with something custom, this is where you'd do it.

Sizing Button

Here you can adjust size of all the bars, their interspacing as well as spacing between the health bars and the border of the background panel if you have it on (X,Y-gap).

Bars Button

Here is where you can choose a texture for the bars, find one you like. Sharedmedia is supported.

The custom setting for mana bar height and panel health bar textures are in the panel settings in case you want to have a different per panel settings for these.
For example, I generally do not need to show mana bars (or any power bars I selected for under Indicators) for my Main Tanks panel. Therefore, I click to select that panel and then set this height to 0 to turn them off. Same sizing option is available if you're using Options-General-Indicators-Side Bar Left or Right.

Also if you want to have one panel class colored but another a solid color, make sure you select your panel first and then choose the Custom Health Bar Bouquet from the dropdown menu shown above.
These settings will override the ones under Options-General-Indicator-Health Bar, Mana Bar and Side Bar on a per panel basis and take priority.

Dmg Flash is there if you want to have the bars past the certain hp % flash so as to give you an extra warning that they need to be healed. Percent of health it triggers at can be adjusted here as well.

Headers Button

This is where you can control what the headers look like. Headers in most cases are not really needed. I remove them here because I know that group 1 on is the left most column with group 2 in the next column etc. However if your ordering within a panel is not the usual 1 2 3 4 5 , you may want to display your headers. For example, ordering by role, reversing the groups, vertical arrangement etc.
The options are pretty extensive and self explanatory from the tooltips.

Targets Button

On this pane you can choose to show the targets of each player. This is useful when you're setting up the main tanks window and want to show tank targets and targets of target. This is also very useful when you want to squeeze in a bit of dps as a healer. All you gotta do is set up spells under Options-Spells-Hostile, and then in your free periods cast on the tank's target.
In terms of appearance, name colors for target and tot can be adjusted. The health bar colors have some coloring options as well and can be adjusted under Options-Colors-Target.

Tooltips Button

If you didn't select "Standard" under tooltip on the General Tab - Misc Button then you can use this pane to dictate where the Vuhdo tool tip will be displayed.
You can display right at the mouse tip, in the standard position or a custom one (anywhere on the screen or even flush with the panel)
I like the tooltip that comes with Vuhdo, as it makes it really easy to quickly mouse over - scan all the players that are out of range to see which ones are not at the raid location and need a summon.

I personally like to show it in fight as well but this is up to you.
I like it cause I do not show hp info directly on the bars and if I want to know specifically how much hp a tank has in total or anything like that, this is where I'd get my info.
Also, if you want to show spell info and basically have your spell-mouse assignments listed for you as a reminder, you should leave In Fight on. However this bloats it a lot, and I wouldn't choose to show this once you have your assignments memorized.
Background, border color/opacity and size of the tooltip can be adjusted here. Keep in mind, like everything in the panel menu, this is a per panel setting.

If you want the option to show mini debuff tooltip while mousing over debuffs on your hpbars, check Debuff (it is a separate tooltip from the one referenced by other options in this panel). This can be distracting if your debuffs are in the middle of your hpbar as the tooltip may partially obscure the bar and its elements, and it may interfere with your click-casting assignments. Avoid this option if this is the case. If your debuffs are tucked away out of the path of your mouse clicks eg. partially off the hpbar or completely off to the sides of the hpbar, you can safely turn this on.

Text Button

Positioning, color, size, font type of player names/hp is adjusted in this panel.
As the default is some indeterminate yellow color, most of you will want to make some adjustments. I like to have my names class colored as my health bars are solid. Since vuhdo supports sharedmedia, you can in addition use some funky fonts here to match your UI.

I also choose not to show hit points. However, if you want this information, check Show and choose the type of health number display. You have many options to choose from.

If you decide to show both hp text and name text all in one continuous line (left and right positions for hp), you cannot have them different sizes. Otherwise, size adjustment for hp text and for name text is separate (up and down positions). There are plans to make this part of the bouquets, which would open up its display options greatly, but there is no ETA on when that will be implemented.

Also, tags such as dc, afk, dead and so on and their positioning with respect to player name is affected by the positioning of the hit points display (the 4 selectable positions). Even if you choose to not show hit points at all, this positioning will still hold for these tags so careful when you choose it.

HoT Icons Button

This is an important panel as this is where you set up all your hots. First thing to adjust is positioning of the hots. You have 3 options. Two of them involve positioning hots in corners/borders of the hp bar. The first one positions them in a straight line and you can anchor that line anywhere around the hp bar. If you anchor it top left, they will start top left and expand horizontally to the right and then down (though you should not see them expanding down unless you have a really short hp bar and huge hot icons).
The next adjustment is in size. Both buffs and debuffs will size with the size of your panel/bars. However, you can adjust HoT icon size independently with this slider. It is as everything in this panel tab, panel specific. So, if you want to save a bit of cpu resources and not repeat hots information in main tanks panel or pets panel, you can set the size of hots to 0 and get rid of the hots in specific panels.

Also now, if you are choosing to show your hots anchored around the hpbar corners/sides, you have the option of adjusting the hot size individually. You can click on More and you get sizing panel for each of the hots:

Also choices as to whether you show hots as little colored squares or icons are done here. Check glossy or flat for colored squares and Icons for actual spell icons. If you're showing little color boxes, you may want the timer off entirely which you can do under Options-Colors-HoTs. You also adjust colors for the different hot boxes there.
If you want to only show a timer and no box, simply select flat and then under Options-Colors-HoTs make them see through.

For stacks, you have 3 choices. You can turn them off entirely, show them by number or by triangles (triangles in a square, each quarter means one stack).

If you are a priest (or pally but less useful for them), and want to know how much of your shield has been absorbed and how much is remaining, check shield status. This will draw a circle on top of the shield icon, that will approximate the value of shield left on the target. The numbers are rounded to quarters (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). It's extremely useful when you want to know whether you should be refreshing a shield on a tank before a big hit or you still have enough there to let it tick off.

This shield should apply to all shield making abilities including Power Word: Shield, Illuminated Healing, Divine Aegis, Ice Barrier, Mana Shield, Sacrifice, Sacred Shield and Savage Defense making it very versatile for a variety of classes, not just healers.

Recently there has been some changes in properties of Divine Aegis spell, where casting PoH or crit heals doesn't just add 30% of that heal as a shield around the target, but that shield stacks (heals are added) with any further crit heals or applications of PoH and its timer is refreshed. The internal cap for this is set to 40% of max priest's health (MAX not BASE so your buffs and gear matter in terms of stamina). In order to reflect this shield that is now very worthwhile to track, a new feature called Pump Aegis has been added. It uses the same circle described above for PW:S to estimate amount of shield left on the player. However, it sets its max to 40% of max priest's health (since that's what it can stack up to) instead of whatever value it is once it is first applied. As a result you watch the value for this bubble increase over time if the crit heals or PoH reapplies it and you can more accurately estimate its current value.

Timer for hots can be adjusted separately here as well. If you choose to not show stacks, the timer will readjust from lower right corner to center and it will be bigger so keep this in mind when you're adjusting the size. You can also adjust timer sizes separately for both hot countdown and hot stacks, as well as choose a different font or position of these numbers for improved readability by clicking on Timer or Stacks. Further HoT timer font properties are again under Options-Color-HoTs. There you can also choose to show remaining time as cooldown clock shadow, instead of a numerical display. You can also combine the display and choose to show timers for some buffs and clock shadow for others.

Finally, hot order. This section is interfaced with bouquets so technically anything you can show in bouquets, you can show here as well. It doesn't have to be hots. Could be debuffs, buffs, clustering, threat information, aggro, range etc. Anything covered by bouquet flags.

By default, for each class several icons are already selected but you can change this. If from a dropdown menu you don't see your hot right away, it's ok. The boxes are editable. Just type in your hot (careful to spell exactly as in spellbook) and it should work fine.
You also need to select whether you want to see only your own hots of that type or the ones from other healers as well. This is adjusted on a per hot basis.

As you can see certain things I choose to show together like shield from me or from others. As Weakened soul debuff applies to both, it makes sense to watch both shields from other priests as well as from me in the same hot icon. If you want to see WS and PW:S in a same slot as your shield icon, there is a premade bouquet for this.
Some things like prayer of mending I show in separate slots for my own PoM and for others. This is because my PoM will overwrite the one from another priest. In order to maximize healing, I like to watch where the other PoMs in the raid are and then cast mine on a target that doesn't have it up currently.
Finally I show cluster finder information here so I know which targets are best to cast my CoH on.

As previously said, this section is personal preference, you can treat it as part of the Options-General-Indicators section and choose to show whatever information you want in here.
As a tank I show various debuffs, cooldowns etc in here. Hots wise, I choose to show only "Other Player's Hots" as a tank, which will give me an icon of the last hot applied and the total number of hots on that target.

HoT Bars Button

I love this pane. This, like hot icons, is another section interfaced with the bouquets and anything you're showing under Options-General-Indicators you can show here. Keep in mind though that hot bars are linked to timers so you want to use anything on a timer here and not a constant aura/effect (but you can use a bouquet with something on a timer + a constant aura/effect combined).

Choose the desired positioning of hot bars that will best avoid your other elements on the hpbars and also adjust the size. Like hots, bars will scale with hp bar size but you can use this slider to thin them out a bit.

You can show various hots here. Druids like this section for this reason but I use it to display cooldowns.
Tank cooldowns bouquet comes with vuhdo by default though I like to add a few spells to it. Healer cooldowns is a bouquet I make for myself for all the other healer cooldowns covering pallies + priests other than myself.
I like my own cooldown in the middle, separate, so I can still see if I hit my cd at the same time as another priest with GS.

I hate to sound like a broken record but again, what you display in this section depends on your role (tank/healer/dps) and preferences. Anything on a timer will do.

Misc Button

This is where you adjust properties of Raid Icon and Overheal text positioning and sizing. It's pretty self explanatory so I won't be going into details.

One thing you should pay attention to here is frame strata. This will adjust positioning of your frames with respect to other elements of the UI. So if you ever see some of your frames above vuhdo elements or blocking them, adjust the frame strata to bring them up.
Similarly if you see your hot buttons bleeding through your bags, adjust the frame stata of your panels. As this is in the panels section, it is on a per panel basis.

Colors Tab

Next one is the Colors Tab. A lot of these colors can be adjusted for individual elements under flag properties for bouquets that control the hpbar behaviour. However, for clarity, it is much easier to have most of the color adjustment information in one tab.

States Button

We discussed under the Options-Debuffs-Standard that Vuhdo will automatically display any debuffs that you can cleanse by hp bar color though you can turn this off by unchecking Background and Text in this option pane.

Here is where you tell Vuhdo how to display these debuffs if you do choose to display them. I have it color the bar but not the text as I rely on class information from name text. The default is to color the panel and the text so I remove the check marks in the text column. These choices effect all of your panels not just one of them.
I've also tweaked the colors of the Poison, Magic and Disease debuffs to be a bolder more obvious (to me) color. You do that just by clicking on the bar and it will bring up a color picking tool.

Various other effects can have their color/opacity adjusted here like out of range, dead flag, clustering icon color etc.

Modes Button

I generally leave this panel on default settings. If you want to show incoming heals, or out of range indicators a little differently you have the option.

The only things I like to adjust here are incoming heals for better visibility against the bar background and Life Colors since I color my bars a solid color. If you like your general grid setup of black bars with whatever background, this is where you'd adjust the health bar color to black (click on solid, pick black from the color swatch).
You can adjust all these colors straight from the health bar bouquets too if you click on the last flag, health % one and look into its properties on the left.
In fact to adjust background of the health bar, you need to go into bouquet properties for background bouquet and adjust the color of the last flag (Flag: Always Solid) anyway.

Colors for emergency modes if that is your preference over the general health% mode is adjusted here as well.

Powers Button

If you chose to display the Mana and/or Power bars here is where you can control the color that each type displays as. For most users I doubt this will be modified.

HoTs Button

When I display HoTs I prefer to use the icon method, so I just left this on default. But for those of you coming from Grid, who want to use the corner colored box method for your hot display, this is where you can change which hot is displayed by which color. You can turn the timer off entirely or show it for the full duration.

If you turn the timer off, and then choose to show by color change when it's about to tick off, the expiry warning color is adjusted here. You can also have it flash as it's about to tick off.
I like the icon to fade out when it's about to fall off as it makes the timer, which turns red at that point, really obvious. Further properties of timer font, like font type and size are adjusted under Options-Panels-Hots.

Recently, an option has been added to show duration of a hot as a cooldown clock shadow, similarly to how cooldowns are shown on all buttons in default UI. It allows for smaller hots and more grid-like look. You can specify which particular hot indicators you want to show as clock shadow and others you can show timers for if you so prefer.

HoTs #2 Button

This pane is useful for those who like to display hot stacks by hot square color and/or text color. I like to leave it on as the hot icon is still obvious for my PoM but the color in addition to stack number helps me identify right away when my PoM is low in charges.

Hot bars color setting is a bit of a leftover setting if you're using bouquets for health bars. Since I show cooldowns bouquets in hot bars section and each cooldown is class colored, obviously a single hot bar will change color depending on the type of cooldown activated. Thus, this section is useful if you're typing in the name of the spell directly and then choosing a color for it here.
If you're using bouquets, modify bouquet flag properties to control the bar color.

Classes Button

Most people probably use the default Class colors but if for whatever reason you are unhappy with the presets, this is where you would adjust them. You can also change the brightness of these colors, which I can see being useful for those that like to get their UI just right. I also like to use this section and the color picked copy feature when I'm class coloring other elements in the addon (like the healer/tank cooldown bouquet). Helps avoid approximating the shade of color used in other addon elements.

Raid Icon Button

You rarely modify this. Basically if you'd like to show only certain raid icons and not others, and to use bar color instead of icon to show it, this is the section for you.

Target Button

This is a recent section that allows some limited modifications of target and target of target frame coloring in order to better match their color scheme to the rest of the raidframes.
Few things are of note here. First the background of target and tot frame is not modifiable. It is set to black with opacity of 0.4 which works well with the foreground colors available.
The Background section in the options pane, with its color selections actually adjusts the foreground of the target and tot frames. You can choose between the standard class color, gradient, solid color or coloring according to target status ie. friendly/harmful/neutral.
The Target section will allow you to change presets for these color selections. For example different colors in case you want to color them one solid color, different shades for friendly/hostile targetting etc. You just need to click on them to bring up the color swatch and adjust color and opacity.
In the Text section, you can do basic color modification of the text on the target and tot frames.

Tools Tab

This is where all of the profiles are stored now, including the spec specific spell bindings/hots (Key Layouts). Here you also reset portions of your settings (or all of it).

Profiles Button

This is one of the most powerful vuhdo features and if you're not using it, you're missing out on some great options.
Vuhdo allows you to save many different profiles. Ignoring the automatic size based switching for a moment, you can make as many profiles as you want and then if you want manually to cycle between them, all you need to write is something like

/vd load ProfileName

in a macro, then assign a macro to a key or to a mouse button (eg. mousewheel). You can also access a list of all your profiles by right clicking on the minimap button.

As these profiles cover most of the Panels tab options including panel positioning and sizing, you can have different profiles for different sizes groups/raids that differ in appearance completely. Combined with linking of different profiles to specific group sizes and you can have these profiles load automatically depending on your group size.

As you can see I have a 5 man profile that I name by toonname followed by the group size. Setup for this would include going under Options-Move!, making sure my raid panel has only one group, that it is centered and pets are shown next to it, MT/PT windows are gone as they're not necessary for a 5 man and sizes of hpbars etc. are adjusted under Options-Panels. Once you're happy with your setup, name it and hit save. Then associate the profile with a group size, in this case 1 and 5 (I associate solo profile with it too but I hide vuhdo when solo under Options-General-General-Hide solo). Hit save again and you're done.

Now repeat the setup for 10 man, 25 man profiles and so on. For each one, it's useful to go under Options-Move! and adjust the number of your groups. Get into test mode and set it to 10 then go to Options-Panels and play with the settings/positioning until you're happy. Then come back to profiles and repeat the above procedure for saving.

Make sure you have each profile associated with only certain group sizes and that you don't assign same group sizes to multiple profiles so that they start overwriting each other.

Keep in mind!!- Spec specific spell bindings and hots are saved under Options-Tools-Key Layouts. They change with spec and are independent from size/panel properties based profiles.

Then what are Spec1 and Spec2 boxes for under Profiles you might ask? Lets say you have 5 different healer profiles but you also have a dps offspec and that offspec panel looks totally different from your healer profiles, you can associate that one profile with a different spec. This is what the Spec1 and Spec2 boxes are for. When you're setting this us, make sure you always have only one profile associated with a condition set. For example if you make more than one 25 man profile, do not check off the same Spec box for both or you're just going to end up overwriting them.
If you need more conditions ie. automation by group size and by spec is not enough for you, you can switch among the profiles manually without having to select each profile from the dropdown menu by setting up a macro with the /vd load command shown above and binding it to something. Then switch profiles manually at a press of a key or a mouse button when you need.

Once you're happy with your settings, it's good to hit Lock so you don't accidentally modify your profiles when you're just trying things out, as vuhdo tends to periodically save all the changes.

If you look at the dropdown menu for vuhdo profiles, you will notice that vuhdo in fact comes pre-configured with 2 profiles already. Vuhdo'esque is the default profile you are used to seeing with vuhdo and it looks like default UI frames that are slightly horizontally stretched. Bit'o'grid is the second profiles it now comes with and it makes your vuhdo frames look very much like default grid profile. The second was added due to frequent questions about how to make vuhdo look like grid. So if you are starting with this layout in mind for yourself, I highly recommend loading that profile and starting your changes from there. It will greatly speed things up for you.

Quiet mode will suppress all the messages that vuhdo sends to your chat window to inform you of the profile changes and saves.

Key Layouts Button

This pane contains options for talent specific mouse button assignment to spells. Major feature here is the ability for Vuhdo to save two sets of Spell bindings and then automatically switch depending on which spec is your current spec.
You can also choose to save your hot setup with this profile. That way, you can track different sets of hots with different specs (eg. Pain Suppression instead of GS).
To setup your specs, make sure you are currently in the spec you want to set up bindings for (eg. my spec1 is holy). Set up your spells (and if you want, your hots) and then give the profile a name, check off box that says Spec 1 and hit Save.
Then switch specs, redo your bindings, check off box Spec 2 and then name it something else and hit Save again.
Now Vuhdo will automatically switch your spell binds and hot assignment as you switch your spec.

Export Button

Custom debuff exporting is super useful if you like to fiddle with your settings a lot and sooner or later you mess something up and have to reset the whole thing. While going from complete wipe to full setup is a 5 min thing for me at this point, recreating the custom debuff list every time is painful as I have many individual debuff specific options entered. To aid this process, you can export your custom debuff list and save it that way. You can also copy it to your other toons and easily load it for speedy debuff setup.

Panel Wizard Button

You can adjust sorting within your raid panels here. While the option under Options-Panels-General applied to a group, this setting will apply across the raid panel. You can adjust by classes, roles, groups (default) or leave it unsorted. Generally most players leave it on groups. In pvp profiles, I recommend going with unsorted to minimize jumping of hpbars when players join/leave combat mid-fight.

The additional panels section is nice but you can also add all these panels manually using Options-Move!.
Careful when using apply all if you want to apply role based sorting only on your raid panel and not your MT or PT panel etc.

Reset Button

This section is pretty self explanatory. When things start working strangely and glitching, you can try reset smaller portions of your settings here. If that doesn't work, either hit All-Everything or exit wow, go into vuhdo folder and run reset_vuhdo.bat

Move! Tab

The move tab really has a lot of the nuts and bolts of how to get the multi panels working for you, but it can be a little confusing at first. I know when I first downloaded Vuhdo, this tab got me confused and I deleted things then couldn't figure out why I couldn't get things back and such. Of course part of that was I was also trying to use the "Panel wizard". Really the "Panel Wizard" is there if you don't want to have the fine control over your panels that the Move tab allows.
When you want to create a panel, hit the add new panel button. A new panel is created and it is empty.

Now you want to add groups to it. Hit the green plus button on the left side of the panel and now a single group is added. Hit it as many times you want to add as many groups you want.

To adjust the positioning of each group within a panel, click on Drag Me, hold the mouse button pressed and drag the groups around within a panel. The position where it will be dropped is marked by a blue line between the groups. The groups can be repositioned within a panel or even dragged between the panels.

To adjust what the group will show, hit Choose. You see two settings. First will allow you to select ordering by group, class or special. By group includes groups 1-8 (or more if you want) as well as Own Group, allowing you to make position of yourself and your group static within a panel if you want. If you are going to use Own Group at all, make sure you check Options-General-General-Filter-Own Group, so that your own group number is filtered out. Sorting by class is pretty self explanatory. Special will give you options in the second menu like pets, private tanks, main tanks, self, own pet and so on:

If you want to remove a panel, it is as simple as clicking the red X next to the panel to remove it. If you haven't gotten rid of all the groups from it first, you will have to click x twice to remove the panel. If you want to get rid of a single group, click on the remove button on it.

When you delete a panel it will confirm that you really want to. But if you delete a panel or want more than the 4 originally displayed, all you need to do is click the big green plus. You can add up to 10 panels.

The Hold to Test button is there when you're creating your profiles and want to make mock raid views of various sizes so you can decide on your panel placement, sizes of hp bars, coloring etc. You can click on the hold to test button to view it once you select the size or you can just select the size and go to Options-Panels. The mock view size will be preserved so you can adjust all the panel specific properties while looking at it directly.

Minimap Button

When you right click on the minimap button you will get the Vuhdo menu. You can easily change to any saved Profile or spec-based spellbinding/hots setup.

In addition, you lock the panels from this menu. I highly recommend you do that so you don't accidentally click drag the panel in the middle of a fight when you are frantically healing as it could really screw you up.

If you ever manage to lose your minimap button, do not fret. Just type
/vd mm

Player Bar Menu

Remember when I told you to assign "menu" to one of the spell assignments. This is why. If you are the raid leader (or assistant) you can assign Main Tanks, Mater looter and other things from this menu. If you are not you can assign your Main tanks yourself if the raid leader hasn't assigned any (or you're unhappy in any way with the list raid leader did).
You can assign your private tanks through this menu so make sure you have it assigned to a mouse button if you can. If you're using Clique, this menu function is not available and you have to use script/macro alternatives. If you'd really like this function in Clique, talk to Clique author to see if there's any chance of adding it in. In the meantime, if you're using Clique and you'd like to assign private tanks, typing
/vd pt

will set/remove current target as private tank in macros

/vd pt Tom,Dick,Harry

will make Tom, Dick and Harry the private Tanks

/vd pt clear

will erase private tank list.

Also, Vuhdo attempts to figure out everyone's spec and therefore which role they are. I've found this doesn't always work 100% effectively. So this is where you can manually assign them the correct role if you ever have trouble. If you choose to use Vuhdo's buff bar to cast your Fear Ward, this is where you can also quickly assign who it will be applied to.


Here are a few screenshots of different setups of Vuhdo in action, to show off some of its flexibility in design. If you have any cool pics of your setups, feel free to leave me a note with a link. I might make this into a separate post eventually.

(by Seviet-US-Dragonblight)
(by Viridiane)
(by Zabar)
(by Viridiane)
(by Sedivy-US-Dalaran)
(by Vandreigan)
(by Catonbreak)
(by Reedyn)
(by Joe Ego)


I hope this walkthrough has been useful. If you have any questions feel free to contact me either here or on plusheal where I usually lurk. Vuhdo support forum maintained by the author can be found there as well.
If you see any errors or typos please let me know so I can fix them.


  1. Awesome guide, thank you for the time and effort you have put into this.

  2. Heh most welcome :) Glad you like it.

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  4. I've just(29.11.11) loaded the newest update of vuhdo and now I can't see anymore any grid of vuhdo when I am in a group. Any ideas?

  5. Hum. Go to Options-Tools and check that your groups are still in the panels. Click on them, check that they're appropriate (they should say Group 1, Group 2 etc.).
    If you don't see the groups, and your panels are missing too, try typing /vd reset to reset their positions as you may have moved them off screen accidentally.
    If you don't see the groups but do see your panels, click on the plus on the left of the panel to add groups back in. Settings for the groups should still be the same so you should not have to redo them.
    If you see the groups there but for whatever reason you can't see the health bars when you close the options window (and you're sitting currently in a party), then notify Iza (the author) at the vuhdo support thread:

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  24. Okay... So I have used VuhDo before, but I just reinstalled my WoW and needed to get VuhDo back. When I turned it on with my monk, the little icon to get into the menus was gone, and I had none of the panels for healing. Has anyone else got this? If so, how did you fix it? I can't powerlevel without VuhDo.

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